May 03 2019
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ATG – the governing body of all horse racing in Sweden, and its broadcast arm – Kanal 75, have always been at the forefront of producing world leading broadcasts from more than 350 races every year. But innovation can never stop, and with inspiration from sports such as football & baseball, Kanal 75 wanted to explore the possibilities of using real-time tracking data in connection with live on-air visual enhancements in a new, innovative and compelling way to their viewers.

As the leading provider of products and services within sports tracking and real-time visualizations for live broadcast, Tracab was the natural fit to achieve the aspirations of ATG.

With experience from more than 10 years of working with real-time sports tracking and with large international sports federations within its client base such as The Premier League (UK), Bundesliga (DE), Major League Baseball (US), Tracab quickly understood the importance of selecting the right technology for the job, and for horse racing and trotting, the conclusion was that a wearable transponder based technology was the best solution.

“Not only is Tracab a global leader in broadcast graphics creation, playout, and real-time data visualization systems, but it’s the only vendor that could offer a complete and integrated solution from highly accurate data gathering all the way to ready-to-use output services for sophisticated and engaging television graphics,”

Per Tellander, CEO, Kanal 75.

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